Anal is Like the Purest Form of Pleasure for Everyone

Anonymous: Isn’t it so satisfying to have the large plug stuffed in your asshole? It’s like it immediately turns your cunt into a faucet! I love that feeling!

scaredfeminist: Haha yes that’s so true! Just a moment of discomfort shoving it in, and then my brain scrambles and my mouth waters and my cunt swells!! It’s amazing the effect it has. Honestly anal is more pleasurable than vaginal in many ways. It’s like vaginal was just pushed on us for puritanical purposes and anal is like the purest form of pleasure for everyone.

alexamindslave: i completely agree. ANAL is the purest form of pleasure. it is literally the best sex. you should ALWAYS masturbate with something inside you. if you keep doing it, you will eventually actually crave that moment of discomfort because your body and brain will know what pleasure is just about to happen.  i am so addicted to anal i keep something inside me almost all the time. sleeping. work. all. the. time. i literally cannot imagine going a day without something inside me. anal forever!

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