Message: Wondered Why We Stopped Having Anal

goddesslilly-blogHi! I found your blog about a month ago and wondered why my partner and I had stopped having anal in the first place. And since then we’ve unintentionally had only anal, and I have great anal orgasms. I love how slutty it feels, I can’t get enough.♡

Glad to hear it! Interestingly, it’s not too uncommon for couples who love anal to go anal only, at least for a period of time, without even really realizing it or discussing at first. Sometimes they’ll drift back out of it and return to vaginal or vaginal and anal in equal amounts, but sometimes once they realize they’ve just been having anal and loving it, they’ll talk about it and decide to stick with it more officially.

Anal only couples also often report they have increased sex drives and so have sex more frequently, and they feel closer and more intimate.

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