Message: You Need To Have Done Anal Yourself To Have Any Credibility Whatsoever

the-dude-with-a-clue: Been really having a look at your blog. Really pro-anal, aren’t you. (Rhetorical) What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, eh? So, what about yourself? You talk the talk. To have any credibility whatsoever you need to have walked the motherfucking walk. Have you been fucked in the ass or are you nothing more than a big-mouthed hypocrite? What say you?

I have no problem with men also enjoying anal stimulation, and I’ve been known to do so myself. This blog is predominantly about female anal, however.

I take offense to your tone, and your assertion that for a man to prefer having anal sex with a woman or to know that some women prefer receiving anal over vaginal he needs to also experience getting fucked in the ass. You could’ve just asked your question politely and gotten a polite response rather than being a jerk about it.

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