Message: Still a Virgin After Saving Myself For Marriage, But Never Got Married

Anonymous: Hi, i’m a virgin, because was saving myself till marriage. I’m already 38 years old and still single. I start to hate myself the world and etc. Actually i don’t expect getting married, at least any time soon, so there’s no point of not having sex. Also i having regular sex with some random guy would be so boring and first time painful, because i still have a hymen. I’m considering to become sexual freak or smth. Maybe I should be AO? Any suggestions?

If you no longer have a strong reason to continue retaining your virginity, then yes, you might consider starting to have sex. I personally don’t subscribe to the whole “saving yourself for marriage” concept, but I recognize that it’s important to some people and is obviously each person’s choice. I do think sex is a fun and important thing in life and something people should make the most of and enjoy, so if you’re at a point in life now where you want to enjoy it, then I would suggest you do so.

Anal and vaginal both have the potential to be painful or at least uncomfortable when you first experience them, though neither have to be. If you do decide to retain your vaginal virginity and become anal only, I would strongly suggest exploring that part of your body on your own first if you haven’t already, and learning how to enjoy anal penetration and stimulation, so that when you first try anal with a partner, you’re ready and will be able to enjoy it. Have you tried masturbating anally? Do you know whether you enjoy it?

If you’d like further advice or to continue conversation on this topic, you can either reply with another anonymous ask, contact me via tumblr’s messenger, or join the Anal Only Lifestyle Forum or Discord server to chat with a group of people. (The forum has a few active members who are anal only vaginal virgins and may be able to provide you a perspective closest to your own.)

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