Do all men prefer anal sex and why?

At a woman asks:

Do all men prefer anal sex and why? I do it to quench my husband’s curiosity that drove him to an affair.

Sadly, because his desire could not be satisfied within the marriage, the husband ended up cheating on his wife. Now that the affair has ended she is experimenting with anal sex herself, but is confused; she does not care for it but naturally wonders what it is about anal sex that made him go elsewhere.

Of course the husband was wrong, but if he has preferences then his frustration was understandable.

There are many responses to her query, but for me one of the best is this:

Not all men prefer it, but I count myself among those who do. As for why, because, to me it feels better than vaginal.

Sex should be a pleasurable thing to everyone involved, if it is not there is a problem.

For you the core of the problem is not so much that you dont like anal sex, or even that he is looking elsewhere to satisfy this desire of his, it is that you and your husbands sex interests do not match up. That is a truly sad thing, and if you two are in love with each other it is even more sad.

He no more wants to feel guilty about his love of anal sex than you want to feel the pain that he is having the affair. I’m assuming you both love each other deeply, why else would you get married?

Anyhow, if anal sex is just not your thing and mainly does nothing for you but isn’t hurting you either, relax, pay attention to how much he likes being in your rear, maybe just maybe focusing on that will make the experience something nice for you too.

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