First Date Advice as an Anal Only Girl

analonlygirls: Going on a first date or outing with a new potential lover or fuck buddy can sometimes be intimidating for an anal only girl.  Finishing up the night out with some hot sex is always a great way to wrap things up, but you might not have the confidence to raise the issue of wanting your relationship to be anal only.  Here are some tips to help ensure that it’s your little backdoor that gets put to use, starting your new relationship out on the right track…

A. Wear a buttplug.  This alone won’t ensure that your new friend doesn’t try to fuck your pussy as well, but it will act as a good ice breaker for raising the topic of you wanting things to be anal only.

B. Put tape or a bandaid over your pussy.  Like wearing a buttplug, this will act as an icebreaker, but it also sends a strong message that your ass is your hole that’s best made for sex.

C. Lie.  Telling someone new straight up that you already are or want to learn to be an anal only girl might be something you’re not ready to announce on the first date, but a little white lie might make ensure that things end up all anal, making it easier to raise the issue next time you’re together.  One I’ve used before it to tell a guy that I’m on my period and so we can only do anal.

D. Write on your butt or lower back with a marker that you’re an anal only girl or something similar.  This is a bold way to go, but it gets the message across clearly, and if you write something there before the date, you don’t have to worry about chickening out when your skirt is hiked up and the fucking is about to start.

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