Message: Tips For Finding People Who Like Anal

Anonymous: Hey i am a single guy is there any tips in finding a girl who likes anal? Like a signs to look out for because a few past relationships i have had when ever i bring up anal it seem to be the deal breaker. Im only asking because I don’t want to waste anyones time or mine. Please any advise will be great.

There are several approaches.

You can try to meet people through adult oriented social networks like Fetlife and its associated events where people are more up front about their sexual preferences.

You can date/hook up through traditional methods but be up front about wanting anal once sex becomes a topic of discussion early in the dating process.

You can just focus on a partner you’re compatible with more generally and try to ease her into anal more gradually, starting with rimming, then a finger, and working up slowly to the next stage if she enjoys what you’re doing so far.

Which approach you choose depends on your priorities. The latter has no guarantee she’ll be into anal, while the former have no guarantee you’ll meet someone you’re otherwise compatible with.

Good luck.

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