Message: Why Is Anal The Best Sex?

Anonymous: Could you tell me why anal sex is the best sex and natural too, whilst the vagina is useless, outdated, and stupid?

First, that’s a subjective viewpoint of someone who prefers anal (which is what makes up most of this blog’s audience). Not everyone does prefer anal, and for them it may not be true (but if they haven’t tried anal they might not know enough to actually say one way or the other, either).

In our opinion, anal is the best because for people who love it it feels better regardless of gender. For men penetrating it’s tighter/grippier and more textured than a vagina. For women being penetrated it makes them feel fuller and in many cases is able to better stimulate clitoral and g-spot connected nerves than vaginal penetration and they can orgasm from anal penetration alone, or have a much more amplified orgasm when cumming from clitoral stimulation while receiving anal sex.

It’s more natural because the shape of an anus better fits around a penis than a vagina, and there’s more of a primal sexual feeling during anal sex that you don’t get with the vagina. Furthermore, many of us who prefer anal were naturally more attracted to it from the start and always desired female anuses and anal penetration far more than vaginas and vaginal penetration. So for us it is more natural.

Saying the vagina is outdated is a reference to the growing popularity of anal sex and the increase in the number of couples who have gone anal only and given up vaginal sex completely. For someone who gets far more pleasure from anal than vaginal sex, the vagina is useless (or has much reduced usefulness) to them. But it’s not so much a degradation of the vagina as a lack of interest in it.

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