Message: Wife Won’t Try Anal Anymore

thenakedwonMy wife, a few years ago, would do anal about once a month. For some reason, she won’t even try it anymore. Is there anything I can do to get her to do it again? I absoluty love it !!!! It’s much tighter than her vagina, and she would have mind blowing orgasms. I just don’t understand why she won’t try it any more. Do you have any tips or advice I can try? I don’t pressure her into trying it again, butt I miss it.

Talk to her about it. Ask her why she doesn’t want to try it anymore when she used to enjoy it and have great anal orgasms. If it’s health concerns, there is a lot of material out there about how anal sex doesn’t cause any problems to an already healthy anus (and can actually help with some problems). If it’s cleanliness, more fiber in the diet naturally leads to a cleaner rectum. If it’s pain, you can work with her to gradually build up to where she can fit your penis completely painlessly by warming up with fingers and toys. You want to make it as comfortable and pleasurable for her as you can and make her love it as well.

If she’s up for trying it, try rubbing the outside of her anus during vaginal sex, and fingering her anally during vaginal and oral. The idea here is to start getting her to associate anal penetration with pleasure and orgasms.

But you need to talk to her about it and see what her opposition is and if she’s open to some lower level anal play to start with again.

If nothing else, you could always see if there’s anything she wants you to try and both compromise.

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