Message: Wife Loves Anal, Worried About Health Effects

analassblogNice blog, I’m sending to the link to my wife now. We started having anal sex and she loved it, had some of the best orgasms she’d ever had. But she stopped because she was worried that it might cause her to have issues holding “stuff” in. hoping she’ll get some good info here.

With proper preparation and slow, gradual stretching to warm up, anal sex does not cause incontinence. A loosening of the anal sphincter is caused by damage from forcing it to expand too much too quickly. Proper anal sex and masturbation actually strengthens it and helps the recipient to gain more conscious control over it.

If anal sex ever hurts, you should stop immediately and build up more slowly to avoid the pain. If it doesn’t hurt and feels great, there’s not much to worry about and you should both enjoy it regularly.

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