A Reminder That Reader Participation is Encouraged

Since this blog has left Tumblr, its readership has increased, but reader participation has decreased. No doubt this is partially because Tumblr made it so easy for anyone to respond, ask questions, and share content right through the website or app in a manner that everyone using Tumblr was already very familiar with.

Fortunately, it’s just as easy here: you can add comments to any post by clicking the Comment link next to the post date, or by scrolling to the bottom of an individual post. And you can ask us questions or share your stories by clicking the Ask link at the top of each page.

A community is always much more enjoyable for everyone when we’re all engaged and interacting more actively, so always remember that you’re encouraged to share your perspective, whatever it might be. Whether you agree with something and want to say so, or if you disagree and want your differing perspective known, it’s all encouraged and welcomed here.

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