Message: Thanks For Letting Us Know Anal Only Isn’t Weird

Hey everybody, my name is Amy. I recently stumbled across your site and find it very refreshing. 🙂 I am 19 yo female. I have been sexually active for about 3 years now, however I am still technically a virgin. I have had a couple boyfriends and have always said I wanted to wait until marriage for sex. However, as I am still human, LOL, we have done other stuff such as hand jobs, blowjobs, I am sure you get the idea…

About 6 months ago I started having anal sex only with my current BF. It has really grown on us and we do it more and more. Until i found your site, I thought there was something wrong with what we were doing and was ashamed to talk about it… So I just wanted to say thanks for letting us know it’s not so weird!

You’re quite welcome, and I’m glad you’re able to enjoy it and not feel like you’re doing something wrong. There certainly is nothing at all wrong with anal or with being anal only, and its appeal is far greater than many people seem to realize before they see how many people share the same desire. It’s extremely common for people who want to avoid having vaginal sex until a later time, but it’s also common just because so many people prefer anal sex to vaginal.

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