Message: Evolutionary Reasons for Anal Attraction

Anonymous: Does anyone have any idea why males are so attracted to asshole, like sometimes way above pussy? What I mean is their doesn’t seem to be any evolutionary benefit. Same goes for girls that like it too I guess. I love anal so I’m not trying to cause be critical, just saying…

I suspect (speaking as a complete non-scientist, and I have no idea what I’m really talking about here) that it’s an evolutionary glitch. People are attracted to sexual pleasure, which is good from an evolutionary perspective because in general people who seek sexual pleasure have sex, and sex is supposed to make babies (again, from an evolutionary perspective). But the anus is tighter and feels better for men, and does for many women as well. So their pursuit of sexual pleasure may lead them to end up being more attracted to anuses and anal sex.

As for people who are attracted to anuses more than vaginas before even experiencing the pleasure that can be had from them, my guess is that it may be simple aesthetic preferences which eventually become sexual preferences. Anuses are small, compact and sleek looking, while vaginas can be big and scary and weird looking to someone just becoming familiar with female body parts.

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