Message: Women Only Tolerating Anal

Anonymous: Your posts suggest the way to go if you want this kind of lifestyle is to slowly introduce anal sex until it becomes more frequent than vaginal. Sounds great but I’ve found most women just tolerate anal and find it uncomfortable except for special occasions. Are you saying it becomes easier for them, or more enjoyable, or both? I ask because while I love giving it, but it can be disappointing when they just aren’t as in to it as I am.

Everyone’s different, and some women hate anal, some tolerate it, some like it occasionally, some love it equally, and some prefer it. Unfortunately, due to lingering social stigma, many refuse to even try it to see if they like it, and others tried it once when younger but had it ruined for them by someone who didn’t know what he was doing and caused her to associate it with pain.

Anal is often strange feeling at first, and for some it can take time to associate the sensations with pleasure (for others the pleasure can be immediate—everyone’s wired differently). That’s one reason that for women not intensely into anal, anal play alongside vaginal can be a good way of increasing the association with pleasure. Analingus during oral sessions and external rubbing with your fingers during vaginal penetration may slowly attract a woman to increased exploration of anal pleasure.

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