Message: Will the Anal Only Lifestyle Go Mainstream?

Anonymous: Do you see this lifestyle becoming more mainstream? Like I guess many other guys like the idea and can think about it but not necessarily say it. Now maybe its all about to change? I see women more willing to try anal plus so much porn is anal or often only anal (which is the kind I prefer). What do you think? Not long ago there wasn’t even anything like this and other blogs, but now there is a more talk around this subject than there was.

As anal itself becomes more accepted by the mainstream, and as porn shifts more towards anal, I think we’ll see a lot more people whose sex lives focus primarily or exclusively on anal sex.

Right now, there are many who would never consider it (and wouldn’t consider anal at all) because of attitudes about it when they were raised or bad first experiences. However, anal is gaining popularity among younger generations who grew up with it prevalent among friends and in porn and so tried it early on, and enjoyed it.

Anal only will likely experience a slow shift the same way. As more people do it and talk about it, more will consider trying it. People who already really enjoy anal as part of their regular sex life are going to be more likely to consider going anal only.

Every woman is built differently, and while many associate their vagina with pleasure, many others have found that their anus and rectum provide even more pleasure—sometimes because of the internal components of their clitoris being closer to the rectum and allowing orgasm to be triggered exclusively by internal anal penetration. Others need external clitoral stimulation along with anal but find that to be far more pleasurable than vaginal and result in far better orgasms (or for some, orgasms when they were impossible with vaginal).

I expect it may always be less mainstream than vaginal, though I think it would be amazing if anal became the predominant form of sex practiced. If people are more open about their own preference for the anal only lifestyle it will slowly shift towards becoming more mainstream as more curious people give it a try.

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