Q&A: Is Anal Sex Safe?

Read about this woman, with her all too frequently asked question, caused by a popular misconception:

…the question is this: will frequent anal sex ruin my muscle

Like many women she naturally wants to indulge in regular anal sex with her partner for their mutual enjoyment, but is anxious that she may be doing long term damage.

As the good doctor herself replies, this is very unlikely to happen; millions of people across the world, and throughout history have enjoyed anal sex, yet anal incontinence remains very uncommon.

It is unfortunate that this myth which does not stand up to scrutiny stands in the way of so many enjoying a life of anal sex to the full.

Be assured that you can begin practising anal only today and no harm will come of it, provided you follow the usual precautions such as use of adequate lubrication and stopping at any point you feel discomfort—anal sex done properly is about pleasure.

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