Message: On the Subject of Words

Marc C: I think there needs to be discourse on the selection of words, specifically in regards to anal sex. At the current time the English language is deficient in this area. We have plenty of euphemisms (“hershey highway”, “going in the back door”, etc), clinical descriptors (anal sex, sodomy, etc.), and reductive terms (buggery)… you get the idea. What we don’t have is a word that describes “anal sex as a loving intimate interaction”. Maybe you can start a trend and get the conversation going to help find (or define) a work for a true act of specific love.

There are lots of options: anal sex, butt sex, butt fucking, butt love, or for those who are truly committed to the anal only lifestyle, it’s just: sex.

However, what do the readers of this blog think? What are your preferred terms for anal sex?

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