Article: Best Butt Plugs for Beginners

When it comes to butt stuff, ‘go big or go home’ isn’t the best advice. Instead, it’s best to start with something small, like one of these butt plugs aimed at newbies

As a one-time sex toy retail worker, I often noticed that when customers came into my store looking shifty-eyed and incapable of expressing what they actually wanted to buy, they were usually looking for a butt plug. Sometimes, I’d lead them to the butt plug section unprompted, just to watch sweet relief bloom on their face as I showed them what they had wanted all along.

It makes sense that so many people are skittish about trying anal play. It’s still hugely taboo and shrouded in misconceptions — like that it “makes you gay” (nope), has to hurt (nope) or will automatically be messy (not necessarily). Given how intimidating anal penetration can be, both physically and psychologically, it’s usually best to start with something small — like a finger or a beginner-friendly butt plug.

Butt plugs are different from other anal toys in that they’re designed, more-or-less, to stay put inside you. You can thrust them in and out like a dildo or a set of anal beads, but staying still is what they were made to do, so they do it very well. This makes them a popular pick for combining with masturbation or sex — they can provide some passive prostate stimulation during a blow job, enhance the sensation of vaginal sex or amp up your pleasure when you’re touching yourself. They’re also the comfiest and most practical choice if you want some surreptitious anal sensations in public, like while on a dinner date with your partner.

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3 responses to “Article: Best Butt Plugs for Beginners”

  1. Stephen says:

    Butt plugs are the newest women’s fashion. They can come in various kinds, such as fox tales or light producing plugs, but every fashionable girl needs to wear one (I personally also love tattoos on women). Not only is it beautiful and stylish but it also, as the above points out, extremely pleasurable and preparation for mature/healthy/best sex (i.e. anal sex). Hopefully humanity has advanced so much that the butt plug becomes a permanent female accessory.

  2. Stephen says:

    Also, women wearing butt plugs get to feel such pleasure and relaxation. A woman working a job has to deal with the usual stress and anxiety of working a job. But if she wears her plug in her ass to work, she is relaxed and pleasured. Further, this pleasure helps reorient her body and psyche for the necessary process of seeing sexual contact as anal based.

    Hopefully, the near future will see g-string bikinis become as popular as butt plugs are becoming. Not only are g-string bikinis gorgeous but they also: (1) help reinforce anal desires in men who see ladies in them, (2) help teen men focus their sexual identity on the most beautiful and pleasurable part of a woman, (3) allow women to know that their asses are the most gorgeous and attention drawing area, and (4) allow women to push the g-string all the way up their cracks so they can get used to sexual pleasure being centered objects going in their asses.

  3. snapsex says:

    Nice article! Butt plugs are the newest women’s fashion. I love anal plugs!

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