Why Experienced Anal Women Are Switching to Double Anal

As anal sex continues to grow in popularity and become more widespread, and more women go anal mostly and anal only, an increasing number of women are coming out about preferring not just anal, but double anal.

For some women, it can simply be about preferring more of a stretch and wanting to go larger. An experienced anus can relax open easily and to get more stimulation, a logical transition is to switch to double anal and fit more inside to stretch and stimulate her better.

I do prefer double anal to single anal, because my ass is extreamly flexiable, so with just one cock, my ass tends to stretch very quickly, so after a while I can’t really feel anything. Espesially if I do anal scenes everyday, my ass is always stretched, so if I get a guy with a smaller dick than the guy the day before, theres not a hope in hell that i’ll feel much for the whole scene, which seems pointless to me. The reason I like Double A is because I LOVE to feel the S T R E T C H on my asshole.

Isabel Ice, Adult DVD Talk

For others, even if the stretch isn’t needed to enjoy anal, it can be easy to get addicted to the sensation of both men moving independently inside her ass and both physically enjoying the feelings of that and mentally and emotionally being excited by knowing she has two men inside her, pleasuring her and getting pleasure from her both at the same time, together in her ass.

It can amplify the feelings and ideas of being anal only by doing double anal, because it’s not just one guy but two guys ignoring her pussy and sharing her ass together rather than either compromising for something lesser.

What are the reasons that you enjoy double anal?

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