Anal Never Gets Old

A recent comment on our Discord server sparked an interesting topic on one reason that vaginal gets old but anal never does.

BackDoorBeth: The biggest difference I have noticed to with Vaginal and Anal too is that with vaginal. It can get stale after awhile. Anal is more of a challenge to keep stretching your hole and making it better and better.

This is a very true observation—with anal, the muscles have a natural inclination to tighten and close back up, so by having anal sex regularly you’re constantly up against the challenge of loosening and relaxing the muscles, which keeps you more actively engaged in sex. Vaginal, by contrast, is “easier” and so quickly can become boring.

Being invested in something often makes it more rewarding, and that’s part of why the anal only lifestyle can feel so much more than vaginal. There’s a lot more to it than that, of course, but that fundamental feeling of pride and joy in your expression and enjoyment of anal sexuality, and in your growth through additional training and improving your anal skills clearly comes from this dynamic.

What have your own experiences been in this regard?

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2 responses to “Anal Never Gets Old”

  1. Ryan says:

    As a verified ass man, I thought during my teenage years I’d get into loving pussy later in life. Never happened. Became an anal aficionado and each day my cock gets hard if not harder just thinking about anal sex. If teenage me knew how much fun I’d have with assfucking and blowjobs, I’d be less worried about why I don’t like pussy and how something was wrong with me. It’s true – it just never gets old. Stays a tight hole. Makes women desire anal more to match my high male libido. I fuck rough and anal is the only hole that fully accommodates my cock balls deep.

  2. Brad says:

    In my experience the best way to get a woman to open up to anal sex is to eat her asshole out. IF she won’t let you do that, you won’t be getting any chocolate delight. But IF she does, you will be entering the promised land.

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