Reddit: Anal Only — It’s Just Better!?

My gf and I have been anal only for over a year, meaning we haven’t had penis-in-vagina sex at all for all that time. (See my earlier posts for how we’ve recently ‘levelled up’ to full pussy exclusion)

But for a long time even before being properly AO I would pretty much always finish in her ass, mouth or on her body even if I did spend some time in her other hole… in fact she recently said to me that she doesn’t think she’s had cum in her vagina for well over two full years and can’t actually remember the last time… when we started talking about it we realised we’re not even 100% sure if I’ve EVER cum in there because of how often I’d pull out or finish somewhere else. Pretty good going?! I suspect I have cum in her pussy to be honest but I can’t be sure.

That really made me realise again how much better anal sex is than vaginal in every way. Because we never use her vagina we’ve been able to stop using all forms of birth control entirely. She stopped taking her pill over 6 months ago and accidental pregnancy basically isn’t something we worry about (we know it’s TECHNICALLY possible)

So I was thinking about how many problems would just go away if the world became anal only by default… teen pregnancies would virtually vanish, for example and no one would really have an unplanned baby having ‘normal’ sex… they’d have to consciously do something unusual to conceive.

That would surely be a good thing for the world… overpopulation would likely cease to be an issue because people would only have children after thinking it all through and deciding to have them.

That’s not even mentioning all the other physical benefits which my gf and I have experienced like heightened enjoyment of sex and closer emotional attachment…

It’s just a better way to live, I say!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anal should just be the default sexual act for everybody everywhere… vagina should be associated with reproduction and nothing else, and clitoris shouldn’t be used at all, ever.

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