Discussion: Do You Prefer Anal or Vaginal?

A Quora user asks:

Which do you prefer, anal sex or vaginal sex, and what was your experience?

And receives the following answer:

Anal sex is way better. The ass hole is tighter, it doesn’t smell weird like the vagina sometimes, you can cum in her ass without getting her pregnant and to be perfectly honest, the ass is more visually appealing than the pussy to me. The anus a beautiful tight little hole winking at you while its directly surrounded by the womans beautiful ass cheeks.

My experience fucking my ex GF’s phat white ass anal without a condom was the most amazing pleasure I’ve ever felt in my life.

I came inside her ass and it was so tight that my cock had to work extra hard to pulsate against that tight resistance of her tight anal walls, to pump that cum out and into her ass.

Uno Unk, Quora

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