The World’s Greatest Sleeping Pill

On Literotica, a real-world couple shares how they routinely have anal sex before sleep and their belief that anal sex isn’t meant to be some rare act but the primary form of sex in a relationship.

I became a liberated woman the minute I realized how strong my sex drive was, how much I wanted Jimmy’s dick in my ass, and that I shouldn’t apologize for that feeling. Anal sex isn’t a special treat that a woman doles out on rare occasions or is seduced into with alcohol or moonlight. The ancient Greeks had it right thousands of years ago before organized religions got involved with the message that “you shouldn’t be doing that.” The vagina is for baby making and the ass is for pleasure. This is especially true after a woman has had a couple of babies who have reshaped her. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to shrink your vagina, go anal. It’s something a woman craves if its done properly and she shouldn’t ashamed to admit that she’s addicted to it.

And the world’s greatest sleeping pill has tremendous health advantages. I get five hours of the deepest, most relaxing sleep (see the next chapter for what temporarily ends it), including three before midnight, which many doctors think are a huge health plus. I’ve never been seriously sick and think the way my night starts may contribute to this.

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