Article: TV Actress Mahika Sharma urges people to ‘stop having unnatural anal sex’ on World AIDS Day

Speaking out on World AIDS Day, the Bollywood star claimed anal sex and the rape of ‘goats and dogs’ was largely to blame for the epidemic, which is believed to affect over 36 million people worldwide.

‘I have met many AIDS survivors and their story left me into tears. I really feel bad for them. They are discriminated in the society. It’s really heart breaking. I really wish people stop having unnatural sex,’ she said in a statement to International Business Times in India.

‘There is no pleasure in ass fucking. There is a need to fight against the bacteria which infects our body through unnatural sex. These days we read about goats and dogs being raped, and when this people have sex with their partners, this may lead to HIV.’

It sounds like the real problem here is a lack of proper sexual education.

Anal sex does not cause disease, though it can spread through it, as well as every other form of sexual contact. People should of course always use protection or get tested along with any new partners before engaging in any sexual contact.

Anal sex is in fact pleasurable to many people, and can be more pleasurable than any other form of sex. There’s a reason people are choosing to go anal only.

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2 responses to “Article: TV Actress Mahika Sharma urges people to ‘stop having unnatural anal sex’ on World AIDS Day”

  1. Asstronaut says:

    This lady needs to stick to acting

    • analonlylifestyle says:

      While there’s something to be said about using one’s audience and platform to help others and spread awareness of issues, it’s always unfortunate when those opportunities are squandered by spreading negativity, misinformation or outright lies instead.

      In this case it no doubt just comes down to a lack of awareness and education about the truth of anal sex, and is a continuing sign that the state of sexual education in general and anal education in particular has a long way to go globally.

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