Message: Sad To Say He Doesn’t Want to Do Anal Only Anymore

Anonymous: So Daddy used his pussy before the end of no pussy November. It was amazing but im disappointed for not making it to the end. Sad to say he doesn’t want to do anal only anymore. What can I do to change his mind??

What are his reasons for not wanting to continue with anal only? With a specific idea of his reasoning, there might be different approaches you can take, but in a general sense, you can back away from it a little bit for a while but still maintain a strong anal focus and positivity, wear plugs, play with your ass, tell him how hot it makes you and how sexy you feel when he fucks your ass, etc., and see if he wants to try anal only again in the future. Some people dive straight into it and it sticks, others ease into it very gradually over time, and others yet cycle back and forth for a while before settling one way or the other.

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