Message: Have Vaginismus, Excited To Be Anal Only

Anonymous: I am so excited to find this blog! I have severe vaginismus (I can’t have any vaginal penetration without SEVERE pain). After trying for months to have PIV sex, my bf and I decided to start experimenting with anal and now we are able to have anal sex a few times a week. After dating 2 years with no penetrative sex it’s so exciting to be doing anal and experiencing that intimacy and I love that there is an anal only community! This makes me so happy!

I’m glad you were able to discover that anal works for the two of you, and that you were able to discover the anal only community. Many, many women with vaginismus have been able to enjoy sex and intimacy through the anal only lifestyle, and that’s a great thing. (But it’s definitely not just for people unable to have vaginal sex—anal is better even when someone is able to have vaginal sex.)

Enjoy! The more you do it, the more you’re going to love it.

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