Message: Anal Exhibition

Anonymous: My boyfriend had all of his friends over to watch him fuck me in the ass. They were all laughing at me and calling me a whore for cumming over and over because there was a huge cock pumping into my ass. I loved every minute of it.

While I can understand that some people enjoy degrading language in the heat of the moment and there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s consensual and part of what you want, I also just want to point out that enjoying sex, enjoying pleasure, and getting pleasure from anal sex doesn’t make a person a slut or a whore (but also, there’s nothing wrong with identifying as those things if you want to).

Hopefully seeing you enjoy getting it up the ass so much helped some of them to understand that women need and often prefer anal too, and will lead to those guys pursuing their own anal dreams and desires. Too many guys still think anal is weird or only something done occasionally that women don’t enjoy and so they don’t really pursue it even though they always prefer it when they do get to do it. But as it becomes more common knowledge that many women do prefer it as well, more people will begin treating it as a normal, expected, and even primary way of having sex.

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