Message: Best Techniques to Pleasure Women With Anal

Anonymous: Whats the best technique to pleasure a woman when doing anal? Hard and fast, or slow and steady? Does it feel best for her deep or just around the entrance? Penis angled towards vagina or away? Clitoris stimulation or not? I’d love to progress to anal only with my partner and the best way would be to make it the best experience possible for her.

Everybody is different and prefers different things. All of those things can feel great to different people. There are different pleasure points and hitting them can be easier for some than others or feel better in some cases for some and not others. So, there’s no way to really answer this other than to say that you should communicate with your partner and have her tell you want does and doesn’t feel good and adjust for her from there.

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alwaysanalblog: True, everyone is different. But as a general rule, find a comfortable position for her and stick with it. A relaxed body usually means a relaxed anus too. Any position which causes strain or continual effort to maintain should be avoided.

Few women prefer a hard pounding or rough insertions, though there are exceptions. In my experience what is most likely to lead to an anal orgasm is a slow build up of waves of pressure. Most women seem to enjoy deep penetration as they approach orgasm, as long as they are used to it and without any sudden hard thrusts.

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