Anal Sex from a Female Perspective (And why women like it, too.)

str82anal: An interlocutor shares her (female) views on the jubilation of backdoor penetration!

Why woman like it…

Anal sex is one of the most erotic and satisfying sexual practices a woman and her partner can enjoy. Anal sex is a different, tighter sensation than vaginal sex. The rectum, once it’s ready, literally swallows the penis up and can’t get enough. While your man is inside you anally, it can take you to another sexual realm. It’s pretty intense, no matter what, and the increased tightness back there makes it just that much better.

I like my partner to go very slowly while inserting his penis into me. First of all, it allows the anal sphincters to gradually adjust. Secondly, I love the erotic sensation of gradually being filled by his throbbing, erect penis. It feels like I’m swallowing him whole and my anus owns his penis. The anticipation combined with the strange but wonderful sensations is almost too much at first, which is sexually thrilling and challenging. I really like to control the pace by being the one to slowly push back on him at the pace I’m ready to take him until the full length of his penis is inside my rectum.

How it feels…

Anal penetration is an entirely different feeling than vaginal penetration. There’s a lot more pressure just before actual penetration. First, there’s an intense feeling of pressure as the head presses against you, which builds up a feeling of anticipation. Then there’s a release of pure pleasure as the head slips through and passed the anal sphincters and into your rectum. You really notice the change in diameter as the head of his penis moves inside your anus. You feel the length of the shaft sliding in with every nerve ending you have and can imagine. If you’re relaxed enough, it feels otherworldly amazing when he gets through the second sphincter and all the way inside you, filling you with a feeling of fullness that vaginal sex can’t touch.

One of the most exquisite sensations for me of anal sex is when he pulls all the way out and then slides all the way back inside repeatedly. The in-stroke is intensely sensual. I love slow at first, but there comes a point where I want to him to speed up and just take me as hard and as fast as he can. It’s then that I feel completely full and taken sexually. The sensation is very different from having him in my vagina. Everything is so very tight, and the pressure is what causes the amazing pleasure. The anal passage is being stimulated (like my clitoris is inside my anus) while at the same time there is pressure on my G-spot through the back side wall of the vagina.

Why it’s better…

The rectum shares a wall with the vagina, and the sexual nerves are actually closer on that side, which makes the sensation unique, stronger and highly orgasmic. I can orgasm rather quickly after penetration, once the near overwhelming sensation of being full of him inside my rectum dissipates, which is when I want it hard and very deep. It’s an amazing feeling to squeeze my partner’s penis as my anal muscles contract around him. I usually climax so hard and squeeze him so tightly with all my muscles that he has a hard time moving because the sensation is so intense for me. If he stays inside me after I’ve had one orgasm, I can usually have another although I prefer to return to a slower pace for a while until we build up again…and then I let him go wild. When he ejaculates, it’s much better because I can actually feel him shoot whereas, vaginally, I usually can’t. Plus, there are virtually no worries about getting pregnant.

Anal sex can feel absolutely incredible. It’s different in sensation – it’s deep inside, it’s not the clitoris, and isn’t in the vagina, but feels strangely like both in a sort of mixed-up combination in another part of the body. It doesn’t feel like anything else you may have felt before; it’s better. Women who don’t enjoy anal sex are most probably doing it all wrong. And once you do it right, like me, you may never want to have vaginal sex again.

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