Message: Anal is Easier Than Vaginal With a Large Penis

Anonymous: Just read your submission from yesterday about husband too large for comfortable deep vaginal. same problem. On the plus side anal is easier and I’d happily do that all the time, only my wife likes some attention to her pussy and she can get sore after several days anal. I’m not complaining as I know she tries hard to make sure I get as much as possible. I sure love that ass!

If you want to work up to more frequent anal without her getting as sore, I’d suggest trying something like doing it every other day with a bit of anal play or use of a butt plug on the days in between and then gradually increasing the frequency from there, doing 2 days on and 1 day off, then 3, etc., and if you build up gradually enough, she should comfortably adjust to it without getting sore anymore.

And there are plenty of anal only couples and women who are anal only in terms of sex or penetration but still include clit stimulation or cunnilingus in the mix, so there are options and variety available if you wanted to pursue anal only together but strike a balance that works for the both of you. Beyond that, many more focus almost exclusively on anal with just the smallest amount of occasional vaginal. I see that as more of a temporary compromise, though, and I think most who hang on to a small bit of vaginal just haven’t quite let go of it yet despite seeing how much better anal is, and with time they’ll get to the point where they’re ready to go fully anal only.

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