Message: Craving And Thinking About Anal More Than I Ever Have With Vaginal

Anonymous: Female follower here, I’ve always loved butt stuff but was afraid of actually trying anal because attempts with a previous partner didn’t go well. I finally managed it about a week and a half ago for the first time and since then have 3 more times. It feels so amazing and I find myself craving it and thinking about it more than I ever have with vaginal. Thank you for helping me build up some of the courage I needed to open this amazing door for myself and my partner!

Congratulations! Now that you’ve gotten past that bad experience and discovered how good it really is and how much better it is than vaginal, it will just continue getting better and better with experience and you’ll find yourself wanting it more and more. Have fun with it!

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alwaysanalblog: Makes you think about all those missing out on the best sex of their lives all because of one ill prepared attempt. Now she’s joined the swelling ranks who’ve found the better alternative to vaginal. And as she’s discovered, anal is very addictive!

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