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littlegirl1222: So. The thought of going permanently anal only is very appealing. I really enjoyed doing it for the month of April, the ache was exquisite and unique and there were times when I was literally dripping!

However, I looove having my clit teased until I can’t talk straight and there’s still so much I want to try in orgasm denial involving my clit! I can’t give it up just yet….

I’m thinking about doing a rotation thing, where one month I’m anal only and not allowed to touch my clit and the next month I can edge my clit as much as I want (or am allowed, or forced, etc.) possibly slowly making the time I’m allowed to touch my clit shorter and shorter until I’m not allowed at all….. or something of the sort…. I find this an interesting idea anyway and would like to give it thought….

That sounds like a totally reasonable compromise to keep anal only fun going but still explore and experiment with other things too. Would you stay anal only in terms of penetration all the time, and just alternate between using your clit and not? Or resume vaginal penetration at other times as well? A lot of people find anal only very appealing in terms of penetration but also need (or want) to continue using their clit at least some of the time and there’s no reason not to do that if it’s what works for you and lets you enjoy anal only fun and pleasure otherwise.

The original poster responded to this post on Tumblr.

littlegirl1222: We already mostly do anal, I enjoy it more and I’m pretty sure my husband does too, the only reason we really ever go vaginal is because we can’t find the lube. So the rotation would been one month strictly anal stimulation only and one month where I touch my clit and maybe vaginal if that’s what my husband wants at the time. I do kegal exercises semi regularly so I don’t really need Kegal balls, but I would LOVE a set and I would use them on the month I can touch my clit.

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