Message: Tried My Girlfriend’s Butt Plug

Anonymous: Hey I’ve been following you for a while and I can’t help but agree with you about your views on anal sex. When my GF was into it I absolutely loved giving it to her and I’ve always loved anal porn. Today I had the house to myself and decided it was time to try her butt plug as I edged and it was AMAZING. I can see why it’s addictive now. I nearly exploded when I could take it with ease (didn’t take long). Why have I waited so long?! Question is, do I tell her? I’m a (straight) guy btw…

Anal pleasure can be a lot of fun for women and men both. I’m not one to say that every man needs to receive anal stimulation if he wants to have anal sex with women, but I encourage anyone to try it if they’re interested.

As for telling her, that really depends on your relationship and how you think she’ll react. I always lean towards being honest and open, and if it’s something you enjoy and want to pursue further, you should share it with her.

You also mentioned that you used to have anal sex with your girlfriend when she was “into it”, which suggests that she isn’t anymore and you no longer have anal together? Why not? What changed?

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