Anal Only 2018 Resolutions

If you aren’t already living the anal only lifestyle, the new year is a perfect opportunity to take it out of the realm of fantasy and fully embrace it going forward. Make it your new year’s resolution for 2018 to give up vaginal sex and go anal only.

If you are already anal only, this can be a chance to reassess how anal only has been for you since you’ve started, whether you want to continue, and strengthen your commitment to it if you feel that it’s what you still want. It can also be an opportunity to mix things up a bit and explore more fun and related things—whether that be clitoral denial/anal only orgasms, ass to mouth, long term plug wearing, increased anal training, more frequent anal sex, or anything else you might think of.

If you’ve been anal only in the past but fell out of the habit and are finding yourself drawn to it again, take the new year as a sign that now’s the time to get back into the anal only lifestyle. Sometimes taking a break from it can be what it takes to make you realize that being anal only full time is what you really want and to dive back in stronger than ever.

Happy new year to everyone in (and interested in) the anal only community!

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