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daddysfuckingpsychoWhat’s you fascination with anal and not using the vagina

It began as personal preference—I was more attracted to a woman’s ass and anus than to her vagina. I think vaginas are pretty, but I’m not at all attracted to vaginal sex or penetration. A woman’s anus and the idea of anal sex appealed far more. After getting a chance to try both, I found that the reality for me corresponded with my attraction and I greatly preferred the act of anal sex as well, and found the combination of having anal sex and seeing her pussy empty and unused the most visually stimulating for me.

After discovering, years later, that there were women who shared the same preference for anal, and preferred not to have vaginal sex or who excluded it entirely, as well as couples who had been anal only for years or even decades, by mutual choice and preference, I decided this was the right path for me as well, because vaginal sex just didn’t interest me and when I had it, it really did nothing for me and was boring.

Anal sex, in contrast, has never gotten boring, and remains a thrill. It’s more pleasurable for me and for partners, it gives women far more intense orgasms, it’s far more intimate, it’s a mood booster, and more. Because of my personal experiences and the positive reactions from partners and others, I started advocating it to others and encouraging them to try it for themselves. And here we are.

think it’s best. Others may not. I encourage people to experiment with it and see if it’s something that works for them and which they would like to do as well. If not, fair enough, and more power to you for trying something new.

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