Message: Girlfriend Wants To Do Anal, But Doesn’t Masturbate So Can’t Train

kerplunkums: First of i’m new here and love this blog and that you give advice to people. So I had a question for you. My girlfriend and I are super interested in anal. She loves it when I finger and lick her ass. However she doesn’t masturbate so she doesn’t train her ass I guess you could say. So when we tried it for the first time it obviously didn’t go too well from her ass being so tight. So the only time she is sexually active is with me. Do you have any suggestions on how we can get to having anal?

Why doesn’t she masturbate? Is she opposed to the idea? Would she still be opposed to it if she thought of it as training/preparation for sex with you? Doing a bit of anal training every day would be a good approach.

If she doesn’t want to actively train in a way that seems like masturbating, would she be open to getting and wearing a butt plug on a regular basis? Perhaps starting several times a week for half an hour or so and expanding to every day, and for a bit longer, until perhaps she can wear it overnight, etc., and then also wearing it for 30 minutes to an hour before having anal sex.

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