Message: Girlfriend Came & Squirted From Her First Time Anal, But Can’t Repeat It

Anonymous: A week ago, me and my girlfriend tried anal for the 1st time. All went as it should it was awesome, she squirted all over the bed as I was in doggyanal position. It was her 1st time squirting, we tried to do it again a couple of days ago and I failed to make her quiet, any idea why this may have happen, why was it that she didn’t squirt this time around. Now she loves Anal and want me to make her squirt again, she said the orgasm was intense and very different from a vaginal orgasm.

Congratulations on the successful first time anal. The fact you both enjoyed it is a great sign for lots more anal to come.

Given it was her first experience with it, it’s not too surprising that she might not squirt every time just yet. She’s still getting used it and learning about the various sensations that can come about. With more practice, she’ll likely be able to more easily identify how it feels when you’re hitting her just right and causing it to build up to make her squirt, and tell you what to keep doing to make that happen. Keep enjoying the anal for now, and keep communicating to each other what feels good and what feels like it might make her squirt and I’m sure you’ll get there again before long.

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