Message: Anal and Anal Only Isn’t Anti-Feminist

Anonymous: Hey ladies getting all high and mighty about this being anti feminist, you couldn’t be more hypocritical. Feminism isn’t about not doing certain things in the bedroom because it’s perceived as something men want. It’s about doing what makes you and your body happy. I for one am a woman who much prefers anal to vaginal, so instead of preaching about something you don’t have a full grasp on, go do what makes your body happy, and let us do what makes ours happy!

This is always the right answer—do what works for you. This blog is sharing one perspective, and it’s biased heavily in favor of anal and anal only, but I recognize that this will not appeal to or interest everyone. That’s fine. If you know what you want, do it. If you want to explore new things, maybe try anal if you haven’t already, or going anal only for a while if you already know you love anal.

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naughtyman1966Thats how sex should be no pressure, consensual and enjoy yourselves

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