Message: Showing My Anal Only Tattoos In Public

Anonymous: Hey I told you last year about my Anal Only tattoo on my pussy and Anal Whore tattoo on my ass. Well last night I had to change in a locker room with loads of other women. So loads saw it. Some were really interested and I told them all about anal only. Others called me a slut and a whore, but to be honest that just made me even more proud of my tattoos. I’m tempted to let more people see them, definitely friends and maybe even some of my family. What do you think?

If you enjoy the idea of sharing your tattoos with others and want to do so, go for it. There’s nothing wrong with being open about your sexuality with people when it’s appropriate to do so. And if it gets other people interested in going anal only, so much the better. Talk about its benefits and how much you love being anal only and encourage them to try it for themselves if they sound interested.

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