Message: Anal Only One Night Stand

I had my first intentional one night stand a few weeks ago. I’m not anal only, but I strongly prefer anal. I was on my period and I told it to him when we arrived at my place. He was so disappointed and said “and you told me that now” meaning he wouldn’t be there if he would’ve known. I then told him that I think we can still manage and asked if he liked anal. If he would have said no I would have given him a blow job it he would have liked that but of course I was hoping to be fucked 🙂

He was really surprised and said that he hasn’t had anal but if I like that sort of thing then why not. I told him that yes indeed I like it and then took his assfucking virginity 🙂 He asked me also to be on top, and that was the first time for me to be on top anally and it was quite nice. In the morning we fucked in the spooning position. That is so one of my favorites but it seems that not so many guys like it, and I’m glad he liked it. I think it’s especially nice position when you’ve been partying and not slept well, it’s comfy 🙂

So, he was the first guy I’ve had sex with who hasn’t been in my pussy 🙂 And I kind of hope that there will be more of those 🙂 The thought of indefinite monogamous anal only relationship feels a bit suffocating, but on other circumstances, like having anal only fuckbuddy, it feels totally appealing to me.

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