Message: Why Should I Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: I like anal sex a lot but until I found your blog I never thought of the idea of only doing anal sex. Isn’t it better to do both and have options? Why should I give up my pussy and just do anal?

Well, if you don’t want to, you shouldn’t. Adopting the anal only lifestyle should always be a choice, not something you’re pressured into without wanting to try it for yourself.

But since you reached out and are asking, I assume you have some genuine curiosity about it and are interested in why it might be better for you, so I’m going to respond in kind.

For some people, both might be better, but in my experience and from conversations with many other anal only people out there, there’s something even better about the exclusivity of anal sex and the exclusion of vaginal sex that just makes the anal that much better and sets it apart from doing both.

I think there are many different levels to this, including the fact that it can be exciting to go against the norm of primarily doing vaginal sex and perhaps only occasionally doing anal and deciding instead to make anal the norm for yourself and vaginal abnormal. Add in the fact that the anus is more sensitive and prone to pleasure than the vagina for most women and can often lead to orgasms more easily and intensely than vaginal sex. And then, perhaps one of the biggest factors is that vaginal and clitoral orgasms most often lead to a loss of arousal and feelings of regret and mood drop afterwards, while anal orgasms just lead to more pleasure and arousal for most. So by excluding vaginal sex (and for some, clitoral stimulation) the anal experience just continues to get increasingly better the longer you are anal only.

I’d encourage you to try it for a month or two and see what you think for yourself. Most people find that they don’t miss vaginal nearly as much as they might have thought and discover that anal feels much more natural once they focus completely on it.

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