Message: How Can I Avoid Ever Getting the Urge for Vaginal?

Anonymous: My girlfriend is 100% anal only and made it very clear that under no exceptions or circumstances will she ever have any form of vaginal sex again. I love being AO too, but way too often I get annoying urges to fuck pussy again. Even tho anal is far better, it gets pretty distracting sometimes wanting to visit that stimulus change once more. She’ll never consider it, and I definitely want to stay AO too. What can help make sure I don’t get those urges?

Recognize when you get those urges and remind yourself that you don’t actually want pussy at all and it’s just an old habit flaring up and that you’re much happier getting all the anal you could ever want instead. Talk it over with your girlfriend as well, and tell her that you know she doesn’t want any vaginal sex ever, and neither do you, but that sometimes you get an urge for pussy which you don’t really want, but it still happens on occasion. Maybe she’ll have a suggestion as well for what to do in those situations. Perhaps there’s something else you or she would like to try incorporating which you could do when those urges flare up and use to replace any vaginal urges over time.

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