Message: What is Anal Mucous?

Anonymous: Hi! Is there such a thing as “anal cum”? My bf and I were having anal sex and at one point when he pulled out, there was white cum-like substance on his dick. We didn’t use any lube, just his spit (I was super relaxed and in no pain), so we weren’t sure what to really make of it. Thanks!

That’s most likely anal mucous. Despite the common statement that the rectum is not self-lubricating, it actually is—to a certain degree. It generally does not produce anywhere near enough to provide sufficient lubrication for sex, but it’s not uncommon for people to see it after sex. In rare cases, some people do produce enough to lubricate all their sexual activities, and there are even occasional reports of people who produce it in response to arousal, similar to natural vaginal lubrication.

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