Message: Advice for Anal Without Lube

Ana: Hi! Me and my bf love anal and we’ve considered getting rid of lube, but it’s still a bit too painful. Do you have any tips for anal sex without lube?

Some form of lubrication is nearly always going to be needed for anal, whether natural or artificial. People produce a little bit of natural anal lubricant, which on its own is usually not sufficient for sex, but some people do produce it in greater quantities and find they need little to no additional lubrication.

If it hurts without lube, I would suggest that indicates that you still need to use additional lubrication, but you could explore gradually reducing the amount that you use, as well as using other forms of lubrication rather than artificial lube.

For example, there are some people who only lubricate with saliva from oral sex before starting and going ass to mouth as needed throughout to relubricate. Others use vaginal lubricant as an anal lubricant.

So I would suggest trying something along those lines and seeing if it works for you. If, over time, you find you need less of that, you can continue to ease off it too. As with most things relating to anal sex, gradual change is best.

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