Natural Anal Lubrication

A commonly held belief about anal sex is that you always need artificial lubrication because the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina does. While additional lubrication is certainly necessary for many people, especially when starting out, the idea that there’s no natural lubrication in the anus and rectum is in fact not correct—for some people more than others.

Everyone has some level of natural lubrication that aids with the digestive process, called “anal mucous”. This substance is produced and secreted by the rectal and colon walls to provide protection and lubrication to the natural digestive process. On its own, it does not provide enough lubrication for the much more active motions of anal sex for most people.

However, some people find that, once they become more experienced with anal sex, their natural anal mucous combined with a little bit of saliva or other lubricant at the start, provides enough lubrication for anal sex, and they don’t need anything else.

Additionally, there are some people, though it seems to be a fairly small percentage, who produce natural anal lubricant in higher quantities and find that they don’t need any other lube at all for anal sex. Anecdotally, some claim that this product is even tied to their arousal, similar to vaginal lubrication. This phenomenon doesn’t appear to have been studied anywhere, and may have other explanations, but practically speaking, people who experience such a phenomenon can easily enjoy anal sex without any additional lubricant.

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