Anal only!

little-b-dolly: Ok so the first request!!!

For a good number of months I was made to be an anal only slut. My pussy was locked away in chastity so I couldn’t even touch myself.

Why? Because its to make me a better slut and better slave.

So being in chastity drove me totally up the wall, like. Cat in heat I was so wound up and ended release. And of course I didn’t get any. So after some time of no sex of any kind, me being very horny and needy we began to use my ass!

So at this point I am anal only!! Getting my ass fucked regularly, having it stretched with toys and Big insertions. Basically training my ass to swallow cock as eagerly as my mouth or pussy.

Now the point of being anal only is multiple. One guys like a new hole to shove they’re cock in. It means no clitoral stimulation, no G spot basically as little pleasure for the woman as possible. It’s to deepen the submissive’s bond with they’re Dominant. And its good for training.

So men get sex and release and women just get Hornier and more frustrated and not Cumming!! Good deal right?

But here’s the secret! Cumming from anal sex is fucking amazing!! Yes women can cum from anal!! Everyone is wired different so for some its the only way they can cum, others its just a big fat no no and then there is all in between.

The first time I came from my ass was so fucking intense! I hadn’t cum in months, I’d gotten used to the constant need for release, and it really helped keep me in the right mind set to serve and obey.

So when I finally came and had that amazing release my mind was totally fried.

So now I can cum from anal! I can cum from my cunt and I can even cum from sucking cock.

I’m a true 3 hole fuck doll and its all thanks to being anal only. Leaving my pussy untouched and fighting through the maddening need for release I’ve managed to find new heights of pleasure.

I fully recommend people going anal only, for a while at least. I know anal is still a big deal for alot of people but some common sense, trust and being carful means it can feel oh so good!

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