Message: Vaginal Chastity Products

Anonymous: Hi, do you know any vaginal chastity products, or like some tapes to cover your front part. I tried to deny my pussy and also clit but it’s difficult to.

Vaginal chastity is a great option to learn to resist your pussy and clit when you’re trying to go anal only! There’s actually a section in our Guide to Anal Sex and the Anal Only Lifestyle focused on this topic with an overview of the various options: The Use of Chastity Devices in the Anal Only Lifestyle.

Good luck, and I hope that helps provide you with the information that you’re looking for!

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  1. When my wife was trying to break herself from clitoral stimulation, we just bought some numbing lube and applied it to her clit shortly before anal sex. That way, when she was tempted to stimulate her clit, she didn’t get much pleasure from it. Now, if she were to have direct clit stimulation, it’s very uncomfortable for her.

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