Message: Looking For A Girl Willing to Do Just Anal

Anonymous: heyyyy, im currently looking for a girl whos willing to do just anal. Im a guy but I love girls who are hooked on it, its just my thing when a womam lets me play with her asshole. any ideas on how to find a girl whos into it or a permament partner somewhere?

People generally don’t wear their sexual preferences on their sleeves, so this is always somewhat of a challenge when dating or looking for a new sexual partner. If it’s an important requirement for you, just be up front about only wanting anal with a new partner when you first have sex. It can be scary, and no doubt not everyone will be interested, but it’s kind of the only way to do it.

Places like FetLife allow people to list their fetishes/preferences, but it’s not strictly a dating site and many people there aren’t interested in being propositioned.

You can also just find someone you like and work gradually towards the idea of anal only, but obviously there is no guarantee that she’ll be interested or have the same level of interest as you. Most anal only couples, however, started out not anal only and became that way due to one partner asking to try it, and one thing led to another.

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