Quotes of the Day: Female Anal Orgasm

A few select quotes from a discussion on female anal orgasms:

I personally know female anal orgasm is real. I had an ex in my 20s who though we tried and tried for clitoral or vaginal orgasms , would get frustrated and say im sorry baby I just cant, put it in my butt lol. She literally could only have an orgasm through anal sex. I will say ive never since been with another like her but her orgasms were more intense than ive seen and caused noticeable vaginal contractions and sometimes she ejaculated as well. It is no myth I assure u.

Speaking from experience they are the best orgasms ive ever had…it felt awkward at first and really unusual but i prefer anal over vaginal sex…its literally eyes roll back in head, whole body contracts and orgasms kinda thing without even touching vagina or clit…the harder my Dom does it the better it feels…he prefers anal sex over vaginal too so it works out well


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