Quote of the Day: I’d So Much Rather Have Anal Sex

Well, two quotes actually (from the same person) as I thought both worthy of inclusion:

I am glad I am not the only one here too! I so much rather have anal sex. In a last year I’ve been “anal crazed”. I am not in a relationship at the moment. But I do have a couple of guys that I see regularly for sex. Friends with benefits ; ). And we hardly ever have vaginal sex anymore. Obviously sex is always protected. But I know when I am in a relationship – I will have unprotected anal, and I am so curious to find out what is it like to feel the cum in my butt, I find this idea so sexy. Hope it will happen soon. Everybody should try anal. It’s the best sensation ever!

And the follow up:

Personally, if a guy lickes my anus -anal is a mus have for me! The biggest turn on and this makes your muscles nice and ready for anal! Good Luck!!

The words of ‘CuteKate’ at steadyhealth.com.

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